Keith with a Cat

It is always heartbreaking if a beloved pet gets lost. It is also difficult if we find a lost pet and we can’t reunite them with their owners, especially if treatment is required.

Microchips are small transponders (radio chips) about the size of a rice grain which emit a frequency that can be picked up by the scanning unit. Each microchip has a unique number and the details of the pet and owner are held in a database.

It is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades of dogs and cats. In tortoises the microchip is placed in their left hind leg.

Rescue homes, Police and Veterinarians all have scanners. When a pet is scanned the database company can help access all the relevant information so owners can be located. If you move or change your phone numbers you must let the company know so they can update their information. There may be a fee for this.

If you would like to see if your pet’s microchip is reading correctly, come in and we will scan and check the microchip for you. Microchips may become compulsory in the near future.

If you would like any more information then phone 01621 818282 (Tiptree Veterinary Centre) or 01206 561407 (Willows Veterinary Centre) to book an appointment with one of our vets. You can also visit our websites at www.tiptreevets.co.uk or www.willows-vets.co.uk


2 responses to “Microchipping

  1. Does your practice use HomeAgain? Both of these articles are eye-opening and prove that all microchipping companies are not created equally so I hope you will share this information with your customers and staff.



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