Roundworms and Tapeworms

Worms are parasites that live inside the body. Roundworms and tapeworms are the ones that most commonly affect animals. They can cause poor health such as a dull hair coat, vomiting, diarrhoea, intestinal blockage or lung damage and death in animals. These worms can be passed on to people, especially the young, elderly and the unwell. Roundworm, Toxocara canis, that affects dogs can cause blindness in people and some forms of tapeworm can also infect people and can result in death.

Worm eggs can last for years in the ground so it is easy for your pet to pick up worms from the soil. Tapeworms can be passed on by fleas and lungworm is spread by pets eating pests such as slugs and snails.


Generally we would recommend worming every 3 months but as puppies and kittens can be born with worms we would advise worming monthly for little ones or pets that hunt more. Good hygiene such as washing hands and disposing of faeces will help prevent worm infections.

As we feel very strongly about preventative healthcare, we are very careful about the wormers we sell. We sell broad spectrum wormers that cover almost all the major round and tapeworms. A lot of worming products available over the counter (for example pet shops or supermarkets) only cover a few of the worms and not all the species of worms.

We also run a healthcare plan for our pets. This is a budgeted monthly scheme that covers the cost of the vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. It is aimed to cover the costs of medications and some of the procedures not covered by insurance, such as nail clipping and anal gland emptying and discounted dentals. Please ask reception about our “VIP” Very Important Pet Health Plan to find out more.

If you would like any more information then phone 01621 818282 (Tiptree Veterinary Centre) or 01206 561407 (Willows Veterinary Centre) to book an appointment with one of our vets. You can also visit our websites at www.tiptreevets.co.uk or www.willows-vets.co.uk


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